Your Wedding Dress Journey

When to begin dress shopping is the aged old question and one that every bride wants to know – let’s be honest, your wedding is important but it’s all about the dress! It’s good to know that you do have options because new dress orders typically take around 6 months to make and arrive in store. It is best to head out shopping sooner rather than later.

Before starting the buying process, you will select those special people in your life that will support and celebrate with you after making that all-important decision!

Let’s Talk Budget

It is best to have a clear idea of budget before starting. This way you will know if they are within your price range to avoid disappointment when researching boutiques.

12 months

If you have the time, it is ideal to begin your wedding dress journey 12 months prior to your big day. This allows significant time to have a relaxed and enjoyable experience looking for the one. You can then research into local boutiques, brands that have caught your eye and take your time exploring.

Any earlier could cause other issues. It is common for brides to want to lose weight in preparation for the big day, affecting the dress size you order.  Also designers release new collections regularly; it’s very easy to have your mind swayed!

tina and jenny
lynn and jenny

9 months

Make your final decisions 9 months before the wedding. This allows time for the dress to be made, come into store and for any alterations. Dresses take a significant time to make due to a number of factors, such as, accessing or importing materials and intricate detailing in the design.

If, like many this year that have been affected by COVID-19, time is running away with you and you have less than 6 months to find a dress we have options for you, don’t worry!

Last Minute Brides

We offer the opportunity to buy our sample dresses. These are dresses in store that have been bought in for bride-to-bes to try on. We take the upmost care to keep these in the best condition so these are a very viable option. They are also much cheaper for the budget-conscious bride! Obviously, these are in 1 size only but it is important to be mindful that dresses can be taken down by 2 sizes.

Alternatively, we have a range we call Beautiful and Timeless. This range is available to be ordered with a 1-week lead-time – perfect for those last minute brides! This is our purse-friendly range making it even more ideal.

For any more advice about the wedding dress process, please just get in touch by emailing or calling us on 01623 371 174