You are planning for a beach wedding; you have booked your dream wedding where you can enjoy the beautiful sun beaming down on you whilst having sand in your toes and the views of the gushing sea. Then you start to think about the logistics of a wedding dress on the beach – what about the sand? What about the water? How do I get it there? Don’t let this panic ruin what should be relaxing sunny wedding bliss and follow our tips below!

1. Consider the Fabric

The fabric used for your wedding dress can vary significantly but when getting married on a beach it’s important to consider the weight, comfort and how it packs. For example, Mikado is a gorgeous luxury material but is both heavy and difficult to transport as it creases very easily. Chiffon, organza, tulle, and jersey cotton are the most popular fabrics for brides and other wedding attire for a beach wedding. These airy fabrics will keep you cool in the ocean breeze.

Also consider whether your dress will collect masses of sand as you walk. This will impact your dress, the way it hangs and could cause damage to the dress.

Wtoo beach wedding dress
2. Water Damage

Depending on your chosen fabric, the sea water could cause stains or a ‘tide line’ around your hem. If you would love a shot of you and your new husband walking through the sea, be sure to ask the supplier what impact this will have on the dress if you are concerned.

3. Steer Clear of Wet Sand

This may be difficult but wet sand can make stains even harder to remove from your dress so be aware of where you are walking and remember to wipe any wet sand off as soon as you notice.

Wtoo beach wedding dress
4. Avoid Snags

Ensure you walk slowly across the beach to avoid any snags on any branches or even debris left behind. Also be aware of stones or any rockery areas to avoid any accidents.

5. Travel

Transporting what is arguably the most important part of your wedding to another country is quite frankly, worrying. What if it gets damaged? Or lost? Flight boxes are the safest option to not only protect your dress, but it is the perfect size for hand luggage to ensure it never leaves your side!


flight box

We offer these when you buy your dress to make the process even more simple!

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