Let’s talk sleeved dresses. With Winter on its way, sleeves are quick to become part of the discussion when talking about wedding dresses. And what’s even better, sleeves are big this season with so many options!

Some people are dubious about sleeves – warmth, comfort, trends, and traditions are just a few factors to think about. Here are some of our gorgeous dresses that we have in stock and why they could be perfect for your big day!

Boho-style wedding dress with flared cut
Faddy by Luna Novias

Faddy is the perfect traditional long-sleeved dress. The long sleeves are loosely fitted, making them very comfortable and airy. This is a great choice for the winter months to add coverage without being too warm.

It is the perfect opportunity to wear a subtle but beautifully designed dress with lace, muss and rhinestones.

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lunanovias yadir wedding dress from the 2021 collection
Yadir by Luna Novias 

Three quarter sleeves are perfect for some coverage, without being too warm! Yadir does this beautifully with laced sleeves that give a subtle yet elegantly designed coverage, great for the modest bride. This again gives opportunity for sleeves that are not too warm for the bride!

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Also, we have another beauty with three quarter sleeves in Farel – check it out

Paloma by Wtoo by Watters

Paloma really is a stunner. The sleeves on this dress helps to continue the beautiful floral lace creation from fingers to toes. They are sheer with the pattern standing out really making this dress a statement. This dress can be a winter or summer dress, making a whole year rounder!

This dress is perfect if you want to do things a bit different. It is the perfect way to intertwine romance and sexy.

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Tessie by Luna Novias

Still unsure? Why not try detachable sleeves and have 2 looks on your big day? This has become a big trend, especially with puffy sleeves!

Luna Novias has done this with a few of the dresses in their 2023 collection. Tessie is a great example of this with the option to include long puffed tulle sleeves. They complement the dress beautifully whilst giving the option to take them off for a different look for the reception!

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Why not also check out a plainer sleeve that compliments the stunning Tulsa? Tulsa really does wow with its elegant simplicity and voluminous sleeves. This dress is made from Mikado which is great for the cooler days.

To also check this out, look here 

Rosa by Richard Designs

Rosa is great to channel your inner boho queen, any time of year! Rosa is a beautifully fitted dress covered in floral lace appliques with illusion long sleeves and back.

With the option to underline the bodice as well as the skirt, it would be a great option for those cooler months.

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Sleeves can be a beautiful addition to your dress, in so many ways! Whether it is with a modern twist or to accommodate tradition, make them perfect for you and your big day!

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