Need help choosing your veil? As if you didn’t have enough decisions to make for your big day, now its accessory time. But this isn’t just an accessory, some would say this is THE accessory. The veil.

To veil or not to veil. Long or short? Embellished or plain? So many questions!

Deciding which veil to wear (if any veil at all!) really can affect your overall look on the day. Not only do you need to consider length but also style with your dress. Maybe you want traditional, or do you want to be chicer?

Here’s some important tips to remember:

·      Detailing – This can be minimal or stand out but either way it has to go with your dress! A detailed embellished dress may call for a minimal veil with subtle detailing. A minimal dress means you can really go all out with your veil adding lace and embellishment as you please!
·      Colour – Veils mainly come in 3 colour options – white, off-white and ivory – what colour are you choosing?
·      Edging Placement – Edging can be along the bottom of your veil, partially up or all the way around (yet another choice to make!)
·      Think About Location – A beach wedding would be ideal for a long flowing veil for those breezy shots whereas a city hall wedding would be perfect for a contemporary shorter style, think chic!
·      Hairstyle – Your hairstyle choice will influence the placement of the veil in your hair so remember to think of the whole image when making decisions!
·      Budget – With more detailing and layers comes a higher price, always have a budget in mind!
·      Have Fun With It – There are no hard and fast rules, just do you!

Now, let’s discuss length – from the shortest to the longest veil. There are lots of options but here are some of the most popular lengths.

Kylie birdcage veil

Bird Cage Veil

The bird cage veil gives the opportunity to have an elegant but small covering that covers the eyes and finishes at the jawline. This is usually attached to a headband or hair clip and is made of net or lace for a minimal or vintage look.

Celebrity Spot – Kylie Jenner was seen wearing a contemporary take on the bird cage veil at this year’s Met Gala.

image by

Shoulder Length Veil – a firm favourite!

This is a popular choice for a veil. The shoulder length means the veil can stand out whilst not distracting from your dress. It can be a single tier or two, It can tick all boxes!

Celebrity Spot – Ariana Grande channeled her inner Audrey Hepburn for her wedding with this short and cute shoulder length veil with a bow.

image by Brides

Ariana shoulder veil
Kate Middleton fingertip veil

Elbow and Fingertip Length Veil

The elbow length is perfect for the bride that wants to cover up more. Falling elegantly to the elbows allows the bride to cover her shoulders and arms.

The fingertip veil is slightly longer allowing you to show off dress detail as the sheer fabric allows detail to show through without being distracted.

Celebrity Spot – Kate Middleton wore this delicate fingertip veil which was hand-embroidered with flowers.

image by Good House Keeping

Chapel and Cathedral Veil

To have the full dramatic impact with your veil, the chapel or cathedral has to be your number 1 choice!

The chapel extends slightly beyond the edge of your gown helping it stand out in its own right. It gives the illusion of a train without layers of fabric but still has a dramatic impact. For the full wow, the cathedral makes you feel like royalty with the veil extending beyond the train on the dress.

Celebrity Spot – A lot of celebrities have worn cathedral veils but a recent extravaganza was  from Nicola Peltz Beckham with her lace dream.

image by Vogue

Nicola Peltz Beckham cathedral veil

What About Tiers?

A single tier veil means the veil flows from where it is attached on the head down your back. A two-tier veil includes a second layer known as a blusher which can be used to cover the face whilst walking down the aisle and raised for when you are married or for that all important, first kiss. Then this hangs down the back and creates a second layer. This is for the bride that wants to add an element of tradition.

However, remember, you don’t need a veil – if you decide to opt out, maybe you want a hair accessory? Or flower crown? There are so many options, just do you!

We have a range of veils and hair accessories available in store. To see what we have available simply check out our accessories on our website or contact us to discuss exactly what you are looking for!