The second most important dress of your wedding is your bridesmaid dresses. This can be a daunting prospect – not only do you have to keep each bridesmaid happy, but you need to make sure they match your dress and the overall theme of your big day!

Have no fear, we are here to advise you how to choose the perfect bridesmaid dresses for both you and your bridal party with our guide!

 1. Get Your Wedding Dress First

It’s important to make sure you have chosen your dress first so you can ensure the styles complement each other. For example, if you choose a classic princess dress you do not want boho styled bridesmaids’ dresses to make the wedding theme confusing. Choosing first will make sure the dresses suit your dress and bridal look.

2. Style is Key

Whilst it is your big day, it is nice to consider how your bridesmaids will feel on the day. Try to choose styles that compliment them and suit their personalities. Although this can be difficult with large groups it will be appreciated by them!

blue spotty bridesmaid dress
blush bridesmaid dress
3. To Match or Not to Match?

Same as with the style, it is considerate to be mindful that everyone is different with various body shapes, heights, and personalities to consider. Although it is tradition to have your bridesmaids to match, why not consider mixing things up? In modern weddings, anything goes from having the same dress for each bridesmaid in different colours or different dress styles all in the same colour, making it easier to keep everyone comfortable and happy!

matching bridesmaid dresses
non-matching bridesmaid dresses
4. Think about Your Setting

 Both the season and setting will also play a factor in your dress decisions. If you have a summer wedding, consider a shorter length and sleeveless option. For a winter wedding, consider long sleeves or a cover to keep warm as well as thicker fabrics. If you are planning a beach elopement, think about lightweight and airy dresses to avoid getting too hot!

5. The Finishing Touches

The bridesmaid dresses can be used to pull the whole colour scheme together but don’t forget about the groom and ushers. It’s a nice touch to have the bridesmaids match with the pocket squares and ties for those final touches (we know this can be difficult to find so we have all options available from Richard Designs!)

We hope we have helped in choosing the perfect bridesmaid dresses for your special day. Our bridesmaid range is extensive in style and colour choices with up to 60 colours available across both the dresses and tie/pocket square range.

If you are interested in seeing our range, simply book in with us by emailing

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