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Let the Wedding Dress shopping Commence…

Dress Shopping is both exciting and daunting for new brides-to-be so here are 8 of our top tips for wedding dress shopping to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for you!

1. Beginner’s Research

When you begin shopping for wedding dresses you will be tempted to go to every wedding dress shop nearby but don’t do that – save time and do your research. Check what brands the shops have in stock as these will vary significantly. This will help to select which ones you want to see the most.

Also ask yourself, what kind of experience do you want? Each store will have its own way of running, be it small and intimate with 1-2-1s or large with 3 brides in at once. Which would you prefer? This will help you narrow it down too! Listen to other people too – who has had a good experience? Does a particular shop show they care more than others?

2. Wear The Correct Underwear!

Underwear is crucial when it comes to dress shopping. No one wants to be able to see the colour or detail of their underwear through a dress (you want the dress to look its best) so it’s important to wear underwear like what you plan to wear on your wedding day. Avoid any black or brightly coloured underwear. In addition, some people choose to wear no bra or a strapless one that could accommodate any dress type. Do what makes you feel most comfortable.

3. Stick To Your Budget

Be honest with yourself and stick to your budget. It’s easy to get carried away but it can be heartbreaking to try on dresses that are out of your reach financially, especially when you fall in love with it! Don’t waste time and you will soon realise there are gorgeous dresses available for all budgets!

P.S. Don’t forget additional costs such as alterations or any additions you would like to add to your dress. Avoid getting caught out and factor this into your budget before you start.

4. Don’t Restrict Yourself!

Go to your appointments with examples of dresses you like in order to narrow it down but don’t rule anything out. Try to remain open minded, you might surprise yourself and love the one you thought you’d never wear! It’s also a good idea to look on the wedding dress shop’s website to pick out any specific dresses you love – we might even be able to order some in for you from a particular designer that we don’t currently have in stock in time for your appointment!

Also, remember to trust your consultant, we listen to what you like and what you feel comfortable in and can really help to open your eyes to new ideas!

5. Think About Your Setting

When deciding on your dress style, think about when and where you are getting married. Will it be winter? Do you need to cover up more? Is it summer? Are you going abroad? These are all factors to bear in mind when choosing your dress.

6. Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask your consultant questions. We are here to help you as much as possible and are more than willing to support you through what can be seen as quite a daunting experience. No question is a silly question.

7. You Might Not Cry When You Find ‘The One’

We often get asked ‘How will I know if it’s the one?’, and there is no right answer. Everyone reacts differently. Don’t think if you don’t cry, you don’t love it because it is different for everyone. All that matters is that you love it.

8. Be Unapologetically You!

 It’s easy to get consumed by the situation. With so many factors and opinions, it’s easy to get lost in it all and even forget what you like. Take a step back and remember, you are the bride, and it is about you, no one else. Get that short dress if it’s more you. Get a jumpsuit and mix it up if you love being the unconventional bride. Or stick to tradition and be the princess you’ve always dreamed of. It really is your time to shine and be unapologetically you.

We hope our 8 Top Tips For Wedding Dress Shopping have prepared you for your shopping trip!  For more advice or to get yourself booked in please simply email


Picture (1): Pure Photography, dress – Laura by Sophia Tolli. (2): Sarita White Photography, dress – Patterson by Wtoo by Watters. (3): Alex Lvrs Photography & Faye Wilde Photography, jumpsuit – Waddox by Alma Novia.